Letter From The Founder

The dictum “Bilişim Ltd, since 1985”, implies two basic characteristics of a dynamic pioneering company which has already left an important mark on the Turkish Nation’s transformation process towards an “Information Society”. Firstly, in Turkish, the name Bilişim is that of a new sector that has been developing rapidly in Turkey: “Bilişim means informatics in Turkey!”

On the other hand, “Bilişim AS”, by registering this name into the Trade Ragister in 1985, when the first global software companies came out, as a Turkish company whose finance and human resources capital was completely based on national equity, producing high quality application software systems, it has provided modern Management Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems and Document Management and Work Flow Systems to hundreds of important corporations both in public administration and industrial and commercial sectors.

Our competition with the world’s most advanced countries and their most advanced technologies, that has started by saying in 1968 “We will use Informatics Technology as a means for Turkey’s development” and our approach to produce high quality software products, by having the privilege of being one of the earliest countries that have perceived “Informatics Revolution” globally, being the earliest country that named “software” concept in 1966 in its native tongue, and continues to spread with the name of Bilişim Ltd. in the service of Turkish manufacturing, engineering and service firms from Ankara and Istanbul to the geography of Turkey, and from Turkey to abroad.

In my long professional life as an engineer, I have the joy, honour and happiness of having signed important projects that often surprised international observers by a series of software projects developed by Bilişim Ltd experts with their experience, knowledge, talent and patient.

I regard Turkey’s bright future confidently.

Prof. Dr.Aydın Köksal
Chairman of the Board - Bilişim A.Ş.