Remove the distance between the office and field with bilişimmobil

keep track of production operations simultaneously



  • The quality characteristics that require operational measurement and control are automatically listed on the handset.
  • Measurement results can be entered for relevant characteristics, check boxes can be marked.
  • The system can automatically compare the entered values ​​with what it should have and can open a red record.
  • Subsequent operations can be avoided without the control and approval of designated quality points.
  • Only authorized operators or quality responsibility functions can be accessed.
  • Image, symbol and value information related to product quality characteristics can be displayed on the mobile device.


  • Instead of quality measurement forms during process controls, information is entered directly into the digital environment.
  • To carry hundreds of recordings to the digital environment, no additional work is needed, delay is prevented.
  • Provides measurable data in digital environment for quality systems with statistical basis such as 6 Sigma.
  • Since data and data loss are experienced in paper forms, there is no traceability backwards, but the information that is generated at every stage of production in a fast, easy and direct computer environment with mobile data entry is easily retrieved retrospectively.