Remove the distance between the office and field with bilişimmobil

keep track of production operations simultaneously
Sales& Activities

Sales& Activities


  • Integrated calendar with work list
  • View assigned jobs, status and note entry.
  • Information such as address, telephone, personnel, e-mail, description can be accessed on the company list.
  • Product information, technical information, product photo stock, can be seen in stock reserve.
  • Product price information (standard price, discount, customer special price), price validity dates, explanations can be seen.
  • Order inquiry and new order entry can be done.
  • Specified objectives, product-based realizations can be seen.
  • New potential customers can be created.
  • All customer interviews can be recorded under the relevant company and subject.
  • By choosing a firm, entering keywords, giving a date range, previous calls can be queried
  • Expenses related to the event can be entered and necessary photographs can be added.
  • It can access timely / past credit information.


  • Salesperson planning, implementation and reporting processes are measurable and transparent.
  • Weekly / monthly visit plans can be made, events can be tracked, and an efficient and result-oriented working infrastructure is created.
  • The sales executives can enter detailed information wherever they can access the internet while the interview information is fresh.
  • People can schedule warnings and missions to themselves or their colleagues, and there will not be any reasoning as the office returns.
  • The entire history of a potential sales process (interviews, contacts, offers ...) can be traced backwards.