Remove the distance between the office and field with bilişimmobil

keep track of production operations simultaneously
Shop Floor

Shop Floor

bilişimmobile,aims to reach real information of production and direct real situation. Digital work order approach allows for easy-to-use displays and workflows at the operator level. All activities are preferably done by reading bar codes, entering information, selecting from lists according to the requirements of the work. All functions require user-defined authorization.



  • Business center selection.
  • Daily, weekly, etc. Work-order listing and selection.
  • Assigning and removing an employee to a Work-order.
  • Start and finish the operation preparation.
  • Starting and finishing operations.
  • Operation stop and selection of cause of stop.
  • Realization of stock movements related to the product tree.
  • Entrance of deviations or alternative material consumption from the product tree.
  • Associating the operation with photos and work-order.
  • Display of the most recent operation instructions.
  • Entering special notes about the operation.
  • Display of operational documents / operation instructions.
  • E-business order, pdf, and business order viewing.
  • Pre- and post-operative controls.
  • Create and print traceability card from mobile devices.
  • Quarantine / quantity stock on hand can be made via mobile devices.
  • Party number checks during realization.



  • Field data can be collected and the production site can be managed dynamically.
  • Entrances and paperwork on the computer decrase strongly
  • Actual works can be watched live. Deviations from production plan are easily noticed.
  • Equipment and staff productivity can be calculated,
  • Interruption of production durations and causes are recorded. Hald can be watched live.
  • Stocks move in real time and with real quantities.
  • In line with "lean production", information and workflow are simplified and office integration is ensured.
  • Actual operation times are achieved and can be compared with ideals.
  • In accordance with the philosophy of "Kaizen", the results of the changes made in production can be measured.
  • The most up-to-date information such as photos, documents, instructions is displayed on the mobile.
  • Reduction of paper usage by e-workorder structure.