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keep track of production operations simultaneously
Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

bilişimmobile, aims to effectively manage inventory and warehouse processes, systematically integrates warehouse and stock movements by removing the stock movements from the initiative of the warehouse personnel, according to the requirements of production, sales, purchasing, quality workflows.




  • Barcoded transfer operations are performed on a batch and location basis.
  • Storage material transfer orders can be opened to departments, warehouses
  • Creation of warehouse transfer orders
  • Creation of warehouse material availability lists for the time interval determined by the production plan, product trees and production stock status
  • Questioning and realization of completed and planned waiting transfers.
  • Performing instant transfer operations.
  • Preparation and shipment of referrals according to the shipment plan.
  • Performing appropriate output operations for instantaneous needs.
  • Immediate production work order outgoing transactions can be done.
  • Reject, quarantine and so on. stock status change can be made instantaneously.
  • Registration of pallet, parcel, car license plate, container, door number, weight, company information and delivery note relation.
  • Making confirmed transfer / exit requests.




  • Dependency on warehouse personnel is reduced, stocks can be tracked on location and address basis.
  • Warehouse personnel are provided with continuous mobile, dynamic daily / weekly referral lists and transfer orders.
  • Warehouse processes integrate with production planning and sales referral processes. Production feeds and sales referral lists are automatic.
  • Information is available to optimize personnel and transport needs.
  • Warehouse movements can be recorded and monitored instantaneously, so that inefficient processes can be identified and new workflows can be developed.
  • Error-free and fast material flow can be achieved with barcodes from stock entry to exit.
  • In accordance with 5S, it is ensured that each item is addressed and labeled.
  • Effective referral management according to the referral plan prepared by the sales department.