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There are Enterprise, Professional and Reporting editions. Which scenarios do these three versions fit in? Which one should I prefer ?

BilişimBI Enterprise edition includes top-level enterprise features such as cell level access control and LDAP support. If you do not need these features, BilişimBI Professional Edition will be suitable for you. If you need to report instantly on the list rather than Dashboards,we recommend you to use BilişimBI Ad-Hoc Query Tool.

We have different databases in diffrent sources such as Oracle and MSSQL. I would like to merge tables from diffrent data sources and get report.Is it possible in BilişimBI

BilişimBI can combine different data sources either instantaneously or in multi-dimensional analyzes to present the results you want. This process which requires high level technical support and programming is done by Drag and Drop method in BilişimBI. You can instantly merge all popular databases and Excel data sources, not just MSSQL or Oracle, in BilişimBI. 

We have excel documents that we hold on a common area. Can I use them for reporting and analysis? What happens when data is added to Excel?

You can use Excel files in the common area in BilişimBI, where you can create your analysis. BilişimBI automatically reflects the data changes in your Excel files in common areas to reports and analyzes.

Do I need to define access control for each report ? How does the system work?

Cell-level Access Control is created by defining it on easy to use screens in BilişimBI. By providing authorization at the data source level, BilişimBI ensures that the same authorization definitions apply to each record in which the data source is used. In BilişimBI, you can define authority for datasource to user or role owners.

Our excel files are encrypted. Does BilişimBI support them ?

BilişimBI has the ability to read and analyze data from encrypted Excel files.

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