Why BilisimBI?

Do not depend on others for analyzing your own data

BilişimBI removes technical ability for reports and data analysis. Easy setup, quick commissioning and easy-to-use features make your data to turn it into meaningful information. 

BilişimBI, contrary to his opponents; It is not just a tool for reporting, data discovery or multidimensional analysis, but an advanced business intelligence system that combines these three functions and is easy to use from start to finish.

Bilişim BI Value Table

Effective Visualization
Effective Visualization
One of the BilişimBI's most exciting features is the ability to design rich reports and analysis in a fast and comprehensible way. BilişimBI is the business intelligence system that has the richest selection of data visualization options compared to web-based competitors. BilişimBI offers a satisfying user experience at the top level, where a graph or table type can be changed with one click. From map display to three-dimensional graphical representations, your data are represented by a variety of tools in BilişimBI.
Easy Usage For Everyone
Easy Usage For Everyone
BilişimiBI Business Intelligence Systems are designed to be easy to use at the highest level for every type of user. From the preparation of the data to the authorization, from the creation of SQL functions to the creation of high-level OLAP analytic functions, all operations can be done through the interface without any software or query language. In this sense, BilişimBI is at the forefront of its competitors, where high-level functions, analysis and sharing of reports and system management are carried out through easy-to-use screens, abstracting technical knowledge.
Preparing Data Easily on Its Own
Preparing Data Easily on Its Own
Data preparation is the most difficult and time-consuming part of the Business Intelligence systems and requires high-level consulting support. Our own algorithms has made the data preparation process considerably easier. BilişimBI can easily create a data preparation template with a 4-step wizard where the user is guided by the causal relationships. By using this template, BilişimBI pulls data from the background data sources and reshapes them for the fastest analysis and reporting.
Creating KPI and Scorecard
Creating KPI and Scorecard
Keep your business goal in mind with creating KPI(Key Performance Indicator) without technical knowledge. Easily identify the different indicators that are created based on new situations, and easily respond to the rapid change of business life by updating your old ones. Be sure that you are heading towards your destination at any time with BilişimBI KPIs. Take corrective and preventive decisions based on the cause-effect relationship and accurate data. Increase your organization's productivity and performance significantly, and spread the goal-driven approach throughout the organization.
Single point reporting and analysis
Single point reporting and analysis
Wherever your data is available, BilişimBI can be accessed as the only reporting and analysis point. With superior visualization capabilities, you can present your data in the format you wish. Supporting all popular data sources including Excel, Berkay allows you to query either instantaneously or in accordance with multiple dimensions, report and analyze the data on these data sources. This way you can examine the relations between data in completely different areas and get very meaningful information for your business. Moreover, technical knowledge is unnecessary for these process in BilişimBI 
Advanced Authorization
Advanced Authorization
Like the report transmission system, the BilişimBI report viewing system works on the basis of role based access control. The different authorities who view the same report on the system see reports with different data. With this feature, the problem of generating different reports for each authority group is completely disappear. Also, since authority definitions on BilişimBI are made through data sources, reports using the same data source work in accordance with the same authority definitions. BilişimBı is a business intelligence system in front of its competitors in terms of ease of defining authorization and development.

BilişimBI Value Table

Requirement Definition Traditional Business Intelligence Systems BilişimBI Data Visualizing Tools 
Fast and Flexible Data Merging Flexible integration of data from different sources into the organization in accordance with rapidly changing business processes Merging available, no flexibility   Flexibility and Consolidation Available. No ad-hoc reporting
Ad-Hoc Reporting Reporting by taking up to date data from the related source for analysis Reporting using data warehouse. No instant reporting   Partially
Multidimensional Analysis and Analytical Functions Presentation of functions such as time series, financial functions, top-end valuations, etc., readily available with easy-to-use interface  Require Consultancy   Partially,slightly
  Ability to perform all system configurations and data creation operations completly with interfaces to minimize engineering and consulting processes    Partially
Don't Require Technical Knowledge System settings, data preparation, analysis creation and dissemination without the need for technical information  
SQL Knowledge Requirement Analysis report creation and authorization identification without SQL knowledge High Level Don't Require Required When Preparing Analysis Data
Record Base Access Control Define authorization at the cell level and on the basis of the data source with easy-to-understand displays With Engineering Support Without Support using Understandable Interfaces  With Consultancy
Data Interpretation  Ability to create top data information without the need of technical information which enables the data to be presented to the end user in an understandable manner Partially   With Consultancy and development support.
Creating Views      
Hardware Requirement All parts of the system, such as data creation, data presentation authorization, can be run on the same hardware and at low cost High Level Hardware Medium Level Ram and Hardware  High Level Ram
Completely Web Based  All components of the product working in any system with a web based system architecture and a browser Partially, the preparation components are not web-based Partially, the preparation components are not web-based
Using ETL Tool Without Technical Knowledge The data preparation tool is completely abstracted from the technical knowledge and data structure information so that the business user can create the analysis himself  
Embedded ETL Tool By means of the data preparation tool that comes with the system, additional learning and hardware costs can be prevented   Partially, mostly technical knowlegde required
Web Service Creation with One Click  One-click access to the data of the reports made to be securely used for other applications, dissemination of information on applications basis    
Office Plug-in Direct access to reports and worksheets from office applications. Ability to refresh data and output from the office without distorting the format  Partially
Scheduling Reports The timely dissemination of information by automatically sending the prepared reports to relevant persons at relevant times  Partially
Cell-Level Access Control Providing highest level information security by cell level access control. Everyone access data with her own authority definition.  Technical Knowlegde Required

Technical Knowledge and Consultancy


Cell-Level Access Control on Scheduled Reports Tek versiyon olarak tanımlanan raporun yetkiye göre farklı verilerle oluşturularak ilgili kişilere gönderilmesi. Her rapor için ayrı tanımlar yapılmasının önüne geçilmesi Partially, Technical Knowledge Required