An end-to-end integrated enterprise solution in which the well-known software manufacturer Bilişim A.Ş. blends the production and management systems accepted in the industry and academia with the latest software development technologies focused on quality management.
Finance & Accounting Management

Finance & Accounting Management

Accounting and Financial Definitions

The accounting definitions, organizational structure and financial term definitions that make up the parametric infrastructure of Finance Management are made. For example, the structure of the account plan you want for the account plan , multiple organizations and periods can be defined at the same time. Definitions of accounting and finance can be copied between periods.

 Budget Transactions - Finance

The system can define multiple budgets based on the accounting budget and income / expenditure sites and types based on the account plan. The budget for an organization , or the consolidated budget for multiple organizations can be created.

 You can create budget structures in any hierarchy you want and define formulas. You enter the budget plan according to the prepared budget structure and you can watch the revisions on the system. The system automatically updates the occurrences according to the defined formulas.

 General accounting

In addition to legally accrual standard accounting and receipt transactions, payroll, purchase and sales invoices can automatically be collectively accounted for by integration. In addition, bookkeeping, inquiries can be made and accounting reports can be received.

 Finance Operations

In Finance Transactions, transactions such as bank identification, bank transfer and money transfer can be done. Reconciliation information and movements of the bank account can be seen.

 In the system, payment and collection transactions are made on the basis of purchase invoice, sales invoice, return invoice, billing basis and current account, current account status and financial transactions are displayed.

 The receipt of checks, promissory notes and guarantees, the creation of check / bond movements and the monitoring of recent situations can be done easily.

 Cash settlement, cash collection, depositing are done on cash basis, cash balance is monitored.

 Financial statements can be defined specific to the business, required changes and balance sheet requirements in the consolidated statements can be created .

 In the Finance Management System,

  •  The cash flow can be designed according to the needs of the operator.
  • Periods and total duration of the cash flow are defined parametrically and the structure is hierarchically structured.
  • Only possible credit / debt cash values ​​in the whole system can be seen by using the data that are formed in the whole system, not just on the entries that occur in the account plan.
  • There may be bottlenecks that may arise in the future through MRP requirements and sales quantities, orders received from procurement management, unbilled lots taken in stock management, etc., questioned from the production management system in the future.