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Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management


In this module, personnel registration and general personnel information is entered into the system and monitored. The information about the person can be followed in detail, address, education, exams,  relatives, military service, reward and  correction, special skills, trade union / association membership information, health, foreign language, service periods, overseas missions and debt information. Photographs and signatures of personnel can be saved on the system and displayed when requested.


By defining the legal permission parameters, you can ensure that the system automatically calculates the annualized permits for the personnel. In addition, the system has easy-to-use functions for staff permission requests to enter the system and to monitor their final permissions.


For the personnel to be recruited with the examination, the appointment of exam commission members, candidate descriptions and post-exam procedures are done in this module.


You can calculate your payrolls parametrically. You can define general parameters, additional income, deductions, tax deductions, special deductions for payroll accounting. You can create monthly payroll information in bulk automatically using data transfer templates. Once you have created the payroll information for the person from your personal accrual information, you can calculate your payroll. You can produce various reports and social security declarations about the prepared payrolls.

e-HR / Self Service System

With e-HR, you can take advantage of self-service applications that allow your employee to access his / her own payroll and personal information in the web environment, allowing to enter the system for approval.


In addition, the Human Resources Management System,

  •  The technology works in an integrated fashion with other subsystems of the ERP,
  • It allows staff photographs and signatures to be kept in the system and displayed with personnel information,
  • It can calculate multiple payroll types,
  • Permission information is transferred to the monthly payroll information collectively and it is used in payroll calculation processes,
  • The PACS (Personnel Attendance Control System) in the organizations includes the functions to transfer the attendance information from the software to the monthly scorecard information,
  • You may arrange for seniority and notice compensation transactions,
  • Prepare bankroll payroll lists in digital environment,
  • It creates the entire legal documents, such as  Social Security declarations .