An end-to-end integrated enterprise solution in which the well-known software manufacturer Bilişim A.Ş. blends the production and management systems accepted in the industry and academia with the latest software development technologies focused on quality management.
Production Management

Production Management

General Definitions

It is the module where the main definitions that will be used throughout the system are made. Production departments and machines can be defined in the desired hierarchical structure. Where shifts and breaks are defined. It is introduced to the system which departments or machines are valid on which days.

Product Design

The product tree definition function is the function by which the basic product tree information of all production management is managed. Subproduct / material can be planned in a different unit than inventory tracking unit. The alternative branchs can be defined, the product tree can be customized and historically tracked for customer / order / work order. Depending on the product, the products / semi-productsroutes and route operations can be defined. Alternate entries can be created in route descriptions and operation descriptions.

Material and Capacity Planning

First, the main production plan parameters including planning horizons, time frames, renewal parameters are defined. The Main Production Plan is calculated mainly on the created parameters. Many different supply batch size algorithms can be used in the main production plan calculation.

From the main production plan, rough capacity planning can be calculated by three different methods and displayed in the form of capacity graphs and Gantt chart.

Depending on the Master Production Plan, or on an order basis, material requirements planning calculations and comparative alternative solutions are presented. Alternative materials are also considered in the MRP calculation. The results of the calculated MRP are interpreted by the system and presented to the planner as work order results, purchase order, long-term agreement results, warning lists.

Production Monitoring

Opening of work orders, operations, used material reserves and exits, work order fulfillment are done. Operational events are entered in stop and shift details, and operation lists and capacity occupancy can be queried. In addition, operations can be seen on the Gantt chart.

Demand Management

Demand forecasting can be done as desired for the product or product group, customer or customer group in the system. It generates system data according to the entered parameters and generates and graphs the forecast data according to methods such as moving average method, regression analysis, simple, double exponential correction.

Top Management Module (BilisimBI Product)

It is the module that enables the top management to reach periodical inventory value graphs, by moving from the inventory values, ​​according to the inventory types and inventory inputs and outputs for the comparative production information requested by a single inquiry, delay status and sales graphs through planned and realized dispatch information.

In the Production Management System,

  • In the product tree, quantities can be defined in a different planning unit than the tracking unit.
  • You can integrate operation pictures with route-operation records.
  • You can define the operation times in the time unit you want, and you can follow your pattern and team information.
  • You can easily notice your late orders in MPS Queries.
  • In MRP inquiries, you can instantly see which major products / products you need and which sales orders are generated.
  • You can also see outsourced service needs as a result of MRP depending on the long-term agreement data.
  • You can increase the sensitivity of the start date of the job order by making a calculation based on the Early Request History in the system MRP account.
  • With one key you can open work orders to the main products and branches of the entire product tree.