An end-to-end integrated enterprise solution in which the well-known software manufacturer Bilişim A.Ş. blends the production and management systems accepted in the industry and academia with the latest software development technologies focused on quality management.
Purchasing Management

Purchasing Management

Seller and Other Definitions

In this mode, all information such as addresses of vendor companies, mutual codes, payment types, currency and maturity information can be recorded in the system. In the system, material purchase requests are made according to the user or the authority given to the rolls. In the Definitions module, the approval parameters of requests and orders can also be defined.

Purchase Requests - Tender Procedures

If the purchase requests are requested according to the authority defined in the system after the input and approval operations, these requests can be combined and the bid requests for the combined request are made. Merged purchase requisitions are matched to the desired vendors according to their type and level and offer lists are created. The answers of the sellers can be recorded in the system in full detail and the requested bids are accepted and passed to the order stage.

Order Processing

In the system, long-term agreements made with the vendors can be recorded and tracked. Procurement orders are handled in accordance with the accepted agreement, or in accordance with the long-term agreement made with the merchants. Purchase orders can also be defined independently of any offer or agreement. Confirmation of orders is done according to the parameters specified in the Definitions module. Actualizations of purchase orders can be monitored in an integrated manner with Inventory Management.

Supplier Evaluation

Supplier Assessment can be done in an integrated manner with iventory management and quality management according to evaluation classes and assessment parameters defined as specific to the operation. Supplier evaluation can be done periodically as well as on orders basis.

Purchasing Management System,

  • The technology works in an integrated fashion with other subsystems of the ERP,
  • Execute purchase orders within the defined authorization and roles,
  • It deals flexibly with purchase requisitions, combines requests,
  • Easily create quotation lists,
  • Provides detailed formatting and tracking of proposals,

In supplier evaluation processes, Quality Management assists managers in their analysis according to their needs.