An end-to-end integrated enterprise solution in which the well-known software manufacturer Bilişim A.Ş. blends the production and management systems accepted in the industry and academia with the latest software development technologies focused on quality management.
Sales Management

Sales Management


Before the system is taken into operation, code definitions will be used in the Sales Management system, such as company, product prices and delivery types. With flexible descriptions in this section, you can group your customers into different categories, record detailed information about your customers' address information, delivery and payment terms, customer product codes corresponding to your product codes, quality documents and business rules to be based on automatic accounting.

Tender Procedures

Proposal requests from customers are recorded with all details and estimated costs can be calculated by preliminary designing for new product requests. You can also do product tree designs by copying from the existing product trees for the new product to be bidded, define the operations, depending on them, you can calculate all the costing and bid sales quantity to the system.

If the proposal is accepted by the customer, you can quickly start the production process by copying the proposed product tree into Production Management.

Sales Processes

Mods in which orders are entered and tracked and referral transactions are made. The system can be used during the order entry and logging, the entered dates, the confirmation transactions, the price entries, and so on.  Such checks prevents making mistakes. Excel or text files from customers can be easily transferred to the system by matching them with the product codes used by the customers.

Contract orders and contract orders made with customers are recorded in the contract type system. The expected orders according to the planning variables entered into the contract orders are created by the system and included in the Master Production Plan (MPS). Depending on the contract order, incoming orders are entered according to the relevant order and the system re-plans according to the remaining contract amount.

Sales Estimates can be done by using records created in the Demand Estimate module, or can be manually entered. The system provides estimates based on selected planning variables and the Master Production Plan (MPS) integration.

In the Sales Management System,

  • Integration of Sales Forecasting-Master Production Plan (MPS), actual orders are taken into consideration,
  • Product price lists can be prepared according to sales types, products and customers,
  • Sales statistics are calculated, deviations in orders can be determined by looking at the past years.