An end-to-end integrated enterprise solution in which the well-known software manufacturer Bilişim A.Ş. blends the production and management systems accepted in the industry and academia with the latest software development technologies focused on quality management.
Why bilişimERP?

Why bilişimERP?

  • bilişimERP is Quality focused. The Erp makes easier quality management processes, it is perceived as intensive document processing, which facilitates monitoring and data entry processes in quality management processes that overwhelm administrators and employees with bureaucracy. It includes a Document Management System focused on quality management processes.
  • bilişimERP is web based. It does not require a system other than a common database and application server systems to be centrally located. Users use bilişimERP from their personal computer as if they were connected to the Internet.
  • It has an open software architecture,bilişimERP is the latest technology product. It is a component-based software developed in accordance with JEE and XML standards. Developed by experienced software engineers who follow the developments  in an integrated manner around the world and implement and implement the latest technology as soon as possible.
  • IT is flexible and is easy to adapt. Flexible infrastructure components, if necessary, experienced expert staff of Bilişim AŞ., make all kinds of changes on the system and the safety of the joint is made in the shortest time.
  • It is supported by a highly qualified counseling and care staff. Consulting, adaptation and software maintenance services for a successful ERP implementation are a big deal.
  • Success is passed on through proven project management techniques. From system installation to operational transition, in all software lifecycle processes, Bilişim AS utilizes proven project management techniques in more than 300 projects.
  • Comprehensive. It includes a rich range of functionality that responds to the needs of the industry, particularly the manufacturing sector.
  • BilişimErp is modular. You can choose any of the subsystems that make up the ERP that suit you. All subsystems work together in an integrated fashion. You can enlarge your system at any time.