An end-to-end integrated enterprise solution in which the well-known software manufacturer Bilişim A.Ş. blends the production and management systems accepted in the industry and academia with the latest software development technologies focused on quality management.
Technicial Specifications

Technicial Specifications

Open Systems Architecture

BilişimERP is structured on web based, multi-layer, open software architecture in JEE environment. There is a relational database management system in the database tier and an application server in the middle tier that provides JEE standards. On the client side, the Java procedure (applet) runs on any Internet browser software.


BilişimERP is a component-based software developed in accordance with JEE and XML standards. A service-oriented approach has been adopted for integration processes, and reusable services have been implemented.


Platform Independent

BilişimERP is platform independent. You can work with any system software installed in your institution. For example, you can use Oracle, SqlServer as the database, Oracle iAS, Jboss, IBM Websphere or Sun as the application server.


Multilingual User Interface

BilişimERP has multilingual user interface infrastructure. Foreign nationals working in your organization can use the system in the same way on multiple levels (eg English, Turkish and Italian).



BilişimERP is a scalable system that can be easily accessed and used by smaller enterprises as well as for large and medium-sized organizations. It can work well with small configuration hardware systems in internet / intranet environment.