Our recent promising product, BilişimPM

bilişimPM Production Monitoring and Management software uses any ERP data to generate interactive visualizations making the lives of planners more comfortable in manifacturing industry. Make your choice after seeing our product demo.
BilişimPM Production Monitoring

BilişimPM Production Monitoring

We have developed visual production monitoring and planning solution information BilişimPM to sustain and improve our achievement in production management. This advanced technology solution works in real time and integrates with web based solutions of Bilişim solutions or other brands. The solution is used by production managers, planning engineers, order and sales executives, capacity planning by the company management, drag-and-drop production planning on gantt charts, and work and performance tracking by senior management. IT is integrated with information-driven mobile solutions and provides simple and easy-to-understand visual solutions to the problem of data collection and monitoring by producers.


The goal of the solution is to present detailed information about the production management on the ERP in a list or table with advanced visual graphics that can be understood at a glance and at the same time to allow the ERP to be updated on the screen to feed back.

For example, scheduled and executed jobs on the timeline can be viewed on the basis of machine, order, work order, zooming in and out from monthly views to hourly detail. Work orders can be displayed as gantt charts and dragged back and forth to re-plan interactions with other jobs. The plan is reflected in real time on mobile devices used in the field, so that a digital bridge is established between the operators and the managers. In the same way, the operators' completion of the information mobile applications, stopping, measuring, and so on. transactions can be monitored and reported by the administrators at the same time in ERP.

Capacity overflows and gaps can be easily recognized in advance by monitoring the capacity of the division, machine or entire plant with daily bar graphs on a daily / weekly / monthly basis. When you click on the relevant images, you can access detailed information such as the materials consumed for that job, which order it was made for and which workers are working.