Professional Lean Manufacturing Software

Lean manufacturing

Methodwizard, was designed to prepare standard operation sheets, improve the operations  for the producers who need a professional lean manufacturing tool.You can systematically determine your losses and choose your values by selecting Value Creation (VAA) and Non-Valuable Activities (NVAA) while watching the operation videos you have recorded with the Methodwizard program.

Web Based Software

  Authorized Users Use Web Browser to Create, Modify and View the Documents.

Standardize Uplift Your Operations

Create Work Instruction Sheets Quickly on Methodwizard Software. Store and Archive Created Documents on your Server or PC. Authorized Users Use Web Browser to Create, Modify and View the Documents. Identify Non-Value Added Activities with Value Analysis Module and Track the Improvements with Measurable KPI Targets. Web-based, Work Instruction Archive with Revision Tracking,Value Added, Non-Value Added Activity Analysis


Role Based Authorization - Admin, Expert, Administrator, End User are created to create roles such as access to the screen is authorized. Revision & Archiving - Changes made to standard operation pages are tracked and archived with revision table. Confirmation Mechanism - Confirmation mechanisms can be established among the roles. Preparation of Operation Page with Video Monitoring - The recorded operation video is tracked up to 3X after the program is loaded and the operation page is automatically generated. Value Analysis - During the operation video recording monitoring, Value Added, Non-Value Added activities  are selected and losses are detected.