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Integrated Enterprise Resources Management System Project

Integrated Enterprise Resources Management System Project

On this R&D project, Bilişim AS. aimed at producing a web based software titled "Integrated Enterprise Resources Management System" to operate on J2EE platform, embracing all business processes at enterprises from supply to distribution, to ensure that manufacturing processes are controlled and managed in an accurate, efficient, reliable and easy manner. 
The product will be designed for general purposes for public and private manufacturing entities and it is planned to develop, firstly, General Definition Operations, Production Order Management, Production Planning Operations, Stock Management Operations, Purchasing Operations, Production Monitoring Operations and Cost Analysis Operations that may be called the basic Manufacturing Resources Planning MRP II operations in the development of this software. In the next stage, its integration was ensured with the Human Resources Management Systemthe Financial Resources Management Systemthe Material Resources Management System andthe Enterprise Management Portal, which were developed by Bilişim Ltd in enterprise resources planning area and are in use at very many significant enterprises in Turkey for years now. 
Furthermore, the basic functions of Maintenance/Repair Management, Quality Assurance and Customer Relations Management (CRM) Systems will be added to the system to develop the scope of the application in agreement with the concept of ERP II, which is largely recognized in the market today.