Along with Management Information Systems Projects developed, and ad hoc consultancy services for a considerable number of governmental institutions and private enterprises in Turkey, since 1985, Bilişim AŞ. has always been a Research and Development (R&D) based software house, in the focal point of software development business in Turkey.

Toward the end of 90’s, when Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBİTAK) decided to financially support original R&D projects, Bilişim AŞ. was defining in 1999 its first R&D project: Integrated Hospital Management Information System.

Using Graphics User Interface (GUI) in Relational Database (RDBMS) environment, the Integrated Hospital Management Information System involved the design and implementation of a software system operating on personal computer networks, on a client/server architecture.

After this first experience, "Enterprise Management Portal Project, Stage One: Human Resources Management and Customer Interaction System" was implemented in 2001-2003 as a second TÜBİTAK-TİDEB supported R&D project.

In 2002, Bilişim AŞ. moved its premises from its own building in Çetin Emeç, Ankara to the Ankara Cyberpark Technological Development Area, thus entering a new era in terms of both favorable economic conditions (due to some tax exemptions), and potential technical opportunities stemming from expected university-industry cooperation.

By reviewing the opportunities provided by the Technoparks Law, latest developments in the application software products market in Turkey and abroad, and the promising results obtained by Bilişim AŞ. on its previous R&D projects, we have concluded that the Company's capability to develop more complex software systems, using its know-how and experience might be evaluated better from 2005 on, by reorganizing Bilişim AŞ as an R&D oriented industrial company.

We did so, and invested our resources to develop our own new software solutions such as bilişimERP, BilişimBYS, bilişimBI.

Planning and implementation of this transformation (from a successful Software Project Contractor to an Industrial Company) is on the agenda of Bilişim AŞ, now with the highest priority.

Considering that only those enterprises that apply recent technological innovations rapidly, and use them in their work processes in order to work efficiently, taking correct decisions quickly and on time could survive in the future, Bilişim AŞ has decided to reinforce its R&D capabilities in order to produce such innovative software products.

Bilişim AŞ. has carried out the following activities to further develop its R&D capabilities:

  • The Company’s organization has been restructured as an improved R&D center.
  •  The number of qualified workforce of the R&D Department has been increased.
  •  A market research has been conducted for our new products in respect of our future R&D projects.
  •  The R&D Department's budget is increased and new R&D Projects defined.
  • Management decisions are taken and implemented to ensure that the Company’s R&D Policy and all related activities be adequately adopted by all of the Company’s employees in a most collaborative, participative atmosphere.
  • The necessary measures have been taken to secure that the outputs, know-how and skills obtained as a result of each R&D project be disseminated to any other project throughout the Company.