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Doğuş Otomotiv
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Customer Stories

The answers of our customers

BilişimBI ile katma değerli analizleri daha hızlı şekilde yönetim seviyesine sunuyoruz

We provide value-added analysis to the managment level faster with BilişimBI

The main purpose of our project, which we have started with BilişimBI; moving monthly performance and gain analysis studies that we shared with management in the form of presentations to carry out online platform. In this way, our managers have begun to perform more detailed analysis with dynamic queries. Moreover, we have made systematic analysis of past trends and location-based comparisons via BilişimBI and made it possible to get the necessary action steps faster. Thanks to this project, we provide more value-added analysis to the management level faster and at the same time we provide profit by bringing analysis to the system which creates workload for our team before. At the same time, data coming from different systems, including Excel, are automatically reflected in the analysis, avoiding possible calculation errors. Furthermore, hierarchical descriptions that are very important to us and user-based authorizations made based on these definitions can also be made very fast and error-free via BilişimBI. BilişimBI has responded flexibly to our requests originated from us and we meet our needs.  

Ethem Kavak

Information Technologies

Enterprise Solutions & Business Intelligence Manager

Turkcell Global Bilgi A.Ş.

BilişimBI ile kurumsal kaynak planlama verileri tam kontrolümüz altında

Enterprise resource planning data is under our control with BilişimBI

We transform ERP data into information and information into analytical reports with BilişimBI. We use BilişimBI reports during strategic, tactical and operational level decision making. As well as reports on the main modules such as cost, finance, production, sales, stock, quality, maintenance offered to the management, we also prepared recycling and new sand consumption, electrode consumption, alloy costs, steel yield graphs, and special reports such as cast billet analysis. Again, necessery analysis for foundries such as,shift staff efficiency, processing machine occupancy, shipping delay, analyzed with the tools such as table, graph, map data, KPI prepared in BilişimBI and presented to the management. Also, the company management meetings are made with the reports prepared in BI. The BilişimBI reports are used effectively in the meetings held with the customers and the real and dynamic data accumulated in ERP are analyzed and presented in the desired format to customers.

Nilüfer Çağlayık

Planning Coordinator

Akdaş Döküm Tic.A.Ş.


BilişimBI’daki detaylı kayıt bazında yetkilendirme sayesinde en karmaşık senaryolarda bile doğru rapor ve analizlere ulaştık

 Thanks to detailed cell-level access control in BilişimBI, we have reached the right reports and analysis even in the most complex scenarios

Our data in Doğuş Otomotiv have time tunnel applications. This issue brings reporting complexity to a very high level. It was also critical for us to be able to define a detailed authorization in the display of personal data. The combination of these two features made BilişimBI the right choice for us. We prepared all the reports and analysis that our managers needed in BilişimBI easily and shared them with respective authorities.

Berkay Okkan

Human Resources Manager

Doğuş Otomotiv Servis ve Ticaret A.Ş.