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Akdaş Döküm
Altıntaş Ambalaj Gordcap
Anadolu Döküm Sanayi AŞ
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Epsilon Havacılık Ve Savunma Sanayi
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Customer Stories

The answers of our customers

Akdaş Döküm Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş

Akdaş Döküm Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş

"We have done all of our business processes in Akdaş together with BilisimERP, we have made and continued to do restructuring work."

We needed a flexible, customizable system that would enable all processes in the developing Akdaş to be integrated in a single platform. We searched for this purpose. Different types of ERP products were examined, project requirements were prepared and evaluations were made, and BilişimERP decided. Bilişim A.Ş. have a sense of understanding requirements quickly and producing solutions. Especially; Serious adaptations have been made to the system for batch specific business processes. In our system, data entry and interrogation can be performed quickly on all modules and reports can be obtained. Inventory, Purchasing, Sales and Proposal, Production, Planning, Quality- Document Management-Calibration Management, Maintenance and Repair, Accounting, Human Resources / Payroll /  Health Information, Cost Management modules are used effectively. Thanks to healthy data entry, we can calculate our work-order-based costs.

With the regular data entry in the business centers, we can dynamically access the details of the product and work emine such as production, quality, image revision, document, photo. Because production monitoring can be made instantaneously, notifications can be made instantaneously to our customers.

M. Niyazi Akdaş - General Manager, Akdaş Döküm

TEGA Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

TEGA Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

With the knowledge of all the modules of Bilisim ERP, we can see our products as instant and locally stocks correctly on a party basis and plan real and dynamic planning with zero mistakes for production planning.

"In our factory, where 3,500 open job orders are processed on average, mobile field management software is used via touch screens. All work orders are initiated / finished using barcode traceability cards, consuming the materials used in the seat deposit for each department and making the corresponding seat deposit inventory entries for the semi-finished products. In our company, which has 15.485 final product types, all measurements made by operators and quality personnel are recorded in the mobile quality system and integrated into ERP. According to the results of quality measurement, semi-finished products quarantine / reject / can be used decisions can be integrated with the whole system and reflected to stock management. With the scale integration, a label printing infrastructure based on total weight control has been established.

With the special planning solutions of the ERP, it is possible to see the instantaneous production conditions and the semi-finished stocks of the referral plans, and according to this, it is possible to prioritize which tasks the departments will have to perform dynamically. "

Ozan Ozgüven - TEGA A.Ş. Production Planning Officer

"TEGA A.Ş. Before establishing InformaticsMobile Warehouse Management with Bilişimi ERP, we were experiencing big problems following material management and stockpiles. It was really impossible to manage about 5,000 pallets and 7,000 SKU volumes correctly, on time, at the right place and at the right amount. We were trying to execute our work chaotic, completely dependent on the people. The production losses, inefficiency and faulty stock levels that we have created, prevented us from using the resources correctly ... However, in a short period of time like 8 months, we have been informed by all the modules of ERP. I can see that our products are accurate in batches, instant and location stocks correctly and I can make a real and dynamic planning with zero mistakes for production planning. All operations can be managed instantaneously from the field with hand terminals; we are realizing a paperless warehouse and material management. In this way, with Bilişimmobile Warehouse Management, we can easily monitor the performance of our users through the system. "

M. Tolga Kıvılcım - TEGA A.Ş. Logistics Manager